This is about more than coffee.


Our cafe is made up of so many amazing people who are involved in making this world a better place.

Our mission is to use this little coffee shop by the beach to better the environment, the city, and the lives of people as much as possible.

We have sponsored little league teams, cleaned beaches, clothed kids in Tanzania, and even held a contest that awarded someone free coffee for a year for being nominated as being an amazing human.  

We pride ourselves in the quality of our coffee, but our desire for bettering this community is what really sets us apart. 


These are our current groups that we are working with:

Elephant Cooperation

A San Clemente group founded by the same family that started Bear Coast.  

Working together with a "whole village approach" to not just save Elephants but also better the lives of the people living in Africa.


Small Steps for Compassion


Help California