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About Bear Coast

Bringing Great Coffee to the Beach

Bear Coast Coffee is a multi-roaster cafe.  What is that? Think about your favorite wine bar, or your favorite beer bar with a rotating tap list.  That is how we approach the coffees we offer.  We rotate the coffees we offer, and we do so from a number of roasters.
We don't roast coffee, just like most wine bars don't make the wine, instead we focus entirely on developing great relationships with amazing roasters from around the world and bringing them down to San Clemente. Scroll Down to see who we offer. 
We find amazing coffee and bring it to the beach. 
Our version of "amazing coffee" once again echoes what micro-breweries have done with the beer industry.  Commodity beer dominated the market for a long time, until customers discovered that beer could be SO much better.  So much more complex, and so much more transparent in their brewing process. 
Coffee has undergone the same renaissance.  For a long time we all went to big chain coffee because it was all there was.  Dark roasted and in-need of tons of cream.  We ALL started by going there.  But our desire here at Bear Coast, along with the regulars of our who call us "their coffee shop," agree that coffee can be so much more.  So we go out and find coffees that are more flavorful and complex than anything the big guys can offer, and we make sure to have that transparency that makes it easier to trust that the farmers are being paid fairly. 
Is it dark roasted?  Nope.  Doesn't need to be.  Besides dark roasting gets rid of a ton of Caffeine, and who wants that?
We extend this craft idea of coffee to our espresso bar.  We modeled it after a classic Italian espresso menu but with the addition of our in-house beverages.  We have flavorings, but we just didn't want the processed syrups you find at most cafes. 
We make all sauces and flavorings in-house.  Including our lavender-infused caramel, nutmeg-accented vanilla, and dark chocolate ganache.  All of these sauces compliment the coffee rather than over-power it. 
We also make fresh Almond Milk every single day.  It's just almonds, water, and dates.  And it tastes way better than what you think almond milk should taste like. 
We have been inspired by craft industries around us, and wanted to bring this artisan experience to San Clemente.  It is definitely not for everyone, but it is for those that want good coffee. 
The Roasters We Currently Offer:
The Details:
Open 6am-6pm 7 days a week.
Located at 618 1/2 Avenida Victoria, San Clemente, CA 92672
Right across from the San Clemente Pier.
(949) 482-0618
Bear Coast Coffee was founded by Jeff Clinard.
He's been in the coffee industry for a long time, and Jeff's goal has been to bring coffees he loves to the city he loves.  From his experience with the Specialty Coffee Association of America & Barista Guild of America he has developed friendships with some great people, who produce great coffee.  
Jeff and his wife Jamie live in town and enjoy spending time at the Cafe with their two kids Coen and Maddie (who are the 4th generation of their family to call San Clemente home).