Dialing In

When you are dialing in (calibrating espresso to taste the way it should), the main thing you can adjust is the grind.  

The coarser the grind, the faster the espresso flows.  

The finer the grind, the slower it goes.  

The adjustment color on the grinder has numbers on it.  


The bigger the number, the coarser the grind. 

That means, the bigger the number... the faster the espresso goes.  The smaller the number, the slower.  So look below to see trouble shooting.


Is your espresso going to fast and looking like this:

Then rotate the adjustment collar to a smaller number.  Make the grind finer to slow it down.

Does your espresso look like this? Barely dripping out? 

Then rotate the collar to make the grind coarser, adjust to a bigger number to speed it up.


Your goal is a shot of espresso brewed between 25-30 seconds.  Make sure to use small adjustments when dialing in espresso.