About the Coffee

Coffee isn't something new.  It has been around.  But good coffee is hard to find.  To make it taste good you have to make sure the green coffee is sourced well, the coffee is then imported responsibly, the roaster takes the time to roast the coffee to its best flavor potential, and then the barista has to brew it properly.


Equipment and ceremony of course can influence how good the coffee tastes ... but at the core of this process it takes talented people. 

Talented farmers

Talented green buyers

Talented roasters

Talented baristas

and most importantly customers who trust all these talented people.


We source from Heart Coffee Roasters, George Howell Coffee Roasters, Mountain Air Coffee Roasters, and 49th Parallel Coffee roasters because they have people who are VERY talented, and the coffee they provide reflects that.  There are other amazing coffee companies, and plenty in Southern California, but we love these partners and want to offer something unique to South Orange County. 

After we receive the coffee we now have a goal of preparing it in a way that respects the team who brought the coffee to us, but ALSO preparing it in a way that really serves our customers.  What does that look like?  It means we respect your time and opinion.  If you want to know everything about the coffee you are enjoying ... we will jump at the chance to nerd-out with you for hours.  But if you are in a rush to grab a cup of coffee as your only luxury on your way to a meeting or to pick up kids ... we got you covered.


Coffee without people is just brown water, but with people... it is a small luxury that can build and support communities.