We opened our San Clemente Cafe this past Wednesday April 22 at 7am.  

7am-12 noon daily.

(limited hours, so plan accordingly)


The reason we closed in the first place was due to the large number of crowds we had surrounding our order and pick up windows.   Since then we have been working on a better system to make it easy for us all to follow the suggest social distancing while still getting coffee.  We are trusting our community of customers to be responsible and will be going above and beyond to help make that possible. 

We've been chatting with medical professionals to get the best guidance in all this, and are really excited to be opening our services up beyond just local delivery. 

Will we continue to do local delivery for the grocery items you guys love? Yes!

order here for bear coast pantry.


We plan on expanding menu and service as things get safer.  But for the time being we are taking it one step at a time, one location at a time, one order at a time to make sure we respect the safety of our community. 

Easiest thing you can do to help us is spread some positive stuff about us.  A kind instagram post, a 5 star review on yelp or facebook, and just letting friends know we are here for them.