Pantry Pick Up!

Pantry Pick Up!

We are moving Pantry to pick up!

Now that our SC cafe is open, our staff is spending more time and attention making all of you drinks.

In order to keep getting you guys the avocados, yeast, flour, and eggs that you need... we have added the Pantry Items you love to our online ordering system that hooks up directly with the cafe. 

How it works now:

Our hours for ordering are from 7am-12noon daily.  Between those hours, just go to our online ordering site and order what you need.  From there, give us 15 minutes and we will have it waiting for you to pick up at our cafe!

We love the fact that this new option makes it possible for people outside of our delivery radius to order items from us!

We can't wait to safely get your stuff to you with this new system.