FINAL UPDATE::10/24/23

What a wild ride. We have loved this partnership and thanks to you we have sold over $5000 worth of this blend, and as we go to send the resulting funds over to the Vitalogy Foundation... it has been amazing to see what a tangible/positive effect coffee can have on this world. Thanks to you. 

Thank you Ohana Festival, Onyx Coffee Importers, and Eddie Vedder for your support. 



Step into a transformative collaboration where coffee, music, and philanthropy converge – the Ohana Festival x Bear Coast Coffee ELLA blend. As the Ohana Festival unites souls through melodies, Bear Coast Coffee passionately crafts blends that resonate. Now, this dynamic partnership takes a remarkable step forward by joining forces with the Vitalogy Foundation to make a meaningful impact.

The ELLA blend celebrates the strength of female coffee producers from Guatemala, and through a shared vision of positive change, 10% of every sale goes directly to the Vitalogy Foundation. This contribution becomes a lifeline for the recovery of the Maui wildfires, serving as a beacon of hope amidst adversity.

The Vitalogy Foundation, a 501c3 organization founded by Pearl Jam, embodies the essence of their music by translating it into tangible, positive change. With a resolute commitment to supporting overlooked communities and fostering holistic well-being, the Foundation resonates with the spirit of the ELLA blend.

Guided by their ethos, the Vitalogy Foundation focuses on three pivotal areas: Environment, Homelessness, and Indigenous Causes. As the ELLA blend embodies the strength of women producers and the harmonious blend of coffee flavors, the Vitalogy Foundation elevates the voices of those unheard and empowers those who need it most.

By purchasing the Ohana Festival blend, you're not only indulging in a symphony of flavors but also contributing to a vital cause. Through this collaboration, your support becomes a lifeline for communities affected by the Maui wildfires. With 10% of sales channeling directly to the Vitalogy Foundation, your participation becomes a catalyst for change.

In unity, the Ohana Festival, Bear Coast Coffee, and the Vitalogy Foundation demonstrate the profound impact that can be achieved when music, coffee, and compassion align. By raising your cup, you're raising spirits, supporting recovery, and amplifying positive change. As the ELLA blend embodies the voices of women producers, your support echoes the voices of those in need, creating a harmonious chorus of transformation and hope.