There are still rainbows.

[covid-19 update]

I took this photo just a bit ago.


There is so much we as a cafe and community cannot control right now.  The health issues in our country, the news constantly updating us with more thing to worry over, and not to mention the rain which makes Californians stay inside:) .  And that makes functioning normally seem difficult.


There are things we as a cafe CAN do, and are doing to make our cafes as safe as we can.


  1. As a cafe our employees wash their hands constantly.  When the CDC said “wash your hands” all cafe owners unanimously followed it up with “like you freaking should have been doing all along baristas.”
  2. Everything is to-go.
  3. There is no seating inside, all orders are made at our new order window.
  4. Please use touch-based payments.  Credit cards, apple pay, samsung pay etc.  No Cash.
  5. New limited hours.  6am-4pm at both cafes.


The main thing that hit me is how isolating all this is.  When talking about Bear Coast I of course am proud of the drinks we produce, but I am more proud of the connection we get to have with all of you daily.  Eye contact, short conversations, watching awkward first dates, watching even more awkward last dates, and connecting with one another are the things that make our days better.  They literally make our society happier.  It’s why cafes like ours exist.  It is what my staff and I are most proud of.


Today I took the photo above and while on the pier… people were still walking by the beach, still saying hi to each other, the surfers were still out at t-street, coffee still tastes good, and there were still rainbows. 

Not everything is scary.

Be responsible out there, and don’t forget that we care more about you and your happiness than we do about you buying drinks.


Love you guys.