GIVING TUESDAY - Clean Water & Coffee 2022

GIVING TUESDAY - Clean Water & Coffee 2022
This giving Tuesday, join us in supporting One Atta Time and their work in providing clean water to coffee farmers and communities around the world. 
This Coffee Gives Life - Clean Water Partnership Update
Every year roughly 1,000,000 people die from a lack of access to clean water. Coffee farmers are one of the groups affected. 
Last year we announced our partnership with One Atta Time to bring clean water to coffee farmers who have been living without access to potable water for decades.
With our work last year, our community at Bear Coast provided 110 families clean water. 
More than any other coffee partner. 
Access to water like this provides hope, stability, and saves the lives of the people that grow the coffee we drink.  And now because of our work this year, that is more true than ever.  
We are proud to announce our first direct trade relationship with one of the farms we are providing clean water to.
A portion of every bag sold will provide clean water for the farmers and families who grew the coffee.  It is the best form of DIRECT TRADE I have ever been a part of.  We are paying the farmers directly for their coffee and in turn using that coffee to DIRECTLY help the community through clean water. 
I, Jeff, visited Jorge and the farm this past summer and saw first hand the affect of clean water. 
The kids who had been ill and had trouble keeping weight on... were running around and being as absurd as my kids of the same age.  And after years of diarrhea and dehydration in their family. The mothers and fathers of these kids had peace knowing that they no longer had to rush to the clinic for medical aid on a regular basis.  
There are far more than 110 families.  And Bear Coast can source the coffee and roast the coffee... but we need your help.  We can't drink all this coffee on our own. 
This coffee is called 
Las Veraneras
It is a Honey Processed, Red Bourbon varietal from Ahuachapàn, El Salvador.
It is grown by my friend Jorge and his family and his community.  
Ethan and I have been working diligently to dial this coffee in on our roaster hear in San Clemente.  And this weekend we are beyond excited for you to try it. 
Buy coffee and spread the word. 
And together we can keep saving the lives of these families.