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Best Of San Clemente - Best Cup of Coffee or Tea
Quote: "We commit ourselves to great ingredients and products, but we also just have really strong support system from our regulars."
CBS Los Angeles
Quote: "The founder Jeff Clinard has spent a lot of time working in the coffee business and it shows in the coffee that is made here.
Los Angeles Times
Orange Coast Magazine 
Quote: “Bear Coast quickly became a favorite hang for everyone from out-of-towners to barefoot surfers.” 
Orange County Register
Quote: "A distinctive new coffeehouse, across the street form San Clemente’s pier.” 
January 2017
October 2017
Quote: “Bear Coast Coffee serves coffee that cannot be found anywhere else in Orange County.”
San Clemente Journal
Quote: "Clinard has created a coastal coffee shop experience.” or "Bear Coast’s  accompanying ingredients are created in-house, featuring additions like freshly-made almond milk and lavender vanilla, among others.
The San Clemente Times
Quote: "Clinard likened the coffee process to tuning a musical instrument—always trying to tweak it to get the right sound, or in this case flavor.
The Triton Times
Quote: "Bear Coast Coffee is a new cafe that is perfect for San Clemente, it is right on the beach, great service and involved in the community.”
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