El Oso - Organic
El Oso - Organic
El Oso - Organic
El Oso - Organic

El Oso - Organic

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Flavor notes:

boysenberry , nilla wafer, cocoa

Tis the season. 

Our love for all things Mexican is not subtle. 

I, Jeff, have a grandmother from northern Mexico, our home here in Southern California has a massive love for all mexican food from street food to sophisticated (I am looking at you Taco Maria), and our new seasonal drinks are massively inspired by our neighbors down south. 

So when we sourced this amazing coffee San Pedro Yosotatu from Oaxaca, we wanted to do more with it.  So we added a splash of our Ardi Natural, and have made our first seasonal blend.


It is great for filter, espresso, or just to stare at this gorgeous bag design by Haley Russo. 

In honor of my Grandma, my love for tacos, and all those celebrating Día de Muertos... Cheers!

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