La Primavera - Gesha - Huila - Colombia

La Primavera - Gesha - Huila - Colombia

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Flavor Notes:

Pineapple - Hibiscus Tea - Clean

Gesha's are difficult as is to get ones hands on, so you know we had to jump on the opportunity to try one that was lactic processed. Prices for Gesha's clearly reflect the farmers time and dedication to such a unique crop. Once tasted, the hype for this acclaimed coffee variety becomes clear. 

What is a Gesha?

A Gesha (sometimes called Geisha) is a rare variety of coffee that originated in the Gori Gesha Forest of Western Ethiopia. This variety takes skill and patience to produce. Each plant requires more water and energy, yet produces half as many cherries as a typical coffee plant. The variety is world renowned for its quality, specifically relating to its sweetness, acidity, floral notes and clean mouthfeel.

What is Lactic Processing?

To promote lactic fermentation, producers create an ideal environment for the growth of lactobacillus cultures, the same bacteria used in dairy production responsible for the creation of lactic acids. They do this by placing highly sugary coffee cherries in an anaerobic (without oxygen) tank and leaving them to ferment. They carefully control the process, checking pH levels, temperature, and oxygen levels to find the perfect conditions for lactobacillus to flourish and dominate the fermentation. A lactic-processed coffee will produce a very sweet cup with a medium-high body. It will have a strong lactic acidity profile, and tropical fruit flavors that almost grip your tongue.

Quantity is limited. 

Here are the details:

Region:  Huila - Colombia

Farm/Producer: La Primavera/Humberto Calderon

Process: Lactic

Elevation: 1800-1850 Meters

Varieties: 100% Gesha

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