Honey Bear - Seasonal Espresso
Honey Bear - Seasonal Espresso
Honey Bear - Seasonal Espresso
Honey Bear - Seasonal Espresso

Honey Bear - Seasonal Espresso

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Flavor Notes:

Spiced Mango - Cacao - Heavy Cream 

A summer espresso blend, limited release!

Do you remember that summer crush?  The one you met on vacation.  The one that defined the summer for you?   It was sweet, it had depth, and it was only in your life for a short time.  And the fleeting nature of it made it all that much sweeter. 

That is Honey Bear.  It is a blend that has been months in the making, for something that will only be with us for a short time. 

From the creativity of our head roaster Micayla, comes her first limited release. 

The name Honey Bear eludes to both the flavor characteristics... and also the type of coffee in the blend.  Finca Colomba is a HONEY PROCESSED coffee.  

Honey Processing in the coffee industry is a hybrid method between washed and natural processing. After harvesting, ripe coffee cherries are pulped to remove the skin while leaving some mucilage. The beans, coated with this sticky mucilage, are then dried in the sun on beds or patios, where the natural sugars ferment during drying. This process, which can take from several days to weeks, produces beans with a balanced flavor profile, combining the bright acidity of washed coffees with the fruity sweetness and body of natural coffees. The term "honey" refers to the mucilage's honey-like appearance during drying.

This blend is a mix of a washed organic coffee from Mexico with the honey processed bourbon from El Salvador. 

Here are the components:

Kulaktik CooperativeA washed process organic coffee from over 150 growers in the Kulaktik Cooperative in Chiapas Mexico.  This is an organic coffee that adds a fundamental chocolatey characteristic and full mouthfeel. 

Finca Colomba: A honey processed Bourbon from El Salvador.  Grown by Mario Valiente and José “Fofo” Adolfo at Finca Colomba.  This coffee is complex, deep, and brings a spiced lingering sweetness to the blend that elevates the espresso to a shot that hits on multiple levels.


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