Bear Hugs - Collaborative Blend
Bear Hugs - Collaborative Blend
Bear Hugs - Collaborative Blend
Bear Hugs - Collaborative Blend

Bear Hugs - Collaborative Blend

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Flavor Notes:

Ripe Berry dessert - Champagne   

Our first ever collaboration blend with another roaster.

Our Bear Hugs Blend is a culmination of a day dream we have had for a while now to work with some of our best friends in the industry. And this collaboration with True Love Coffee Co is everything we want it to be.

Our industry is filled with competitiveness. Behind the scenes we are all friends, exchange cafe stories, and share vendors.  But due to the nature of our business, you don't see the cooperation in the marketplace as much as you do in other industries. 

So taking a cue from our friends in the beer industry, we decided to organize a team up. A Crossover-episode.  A best buds blend... you get the idea. 

Lee from True Love Coffee Co has been a friend of ours for years.  He even covered a bar shift for us while we were still operating as a pop-up at the Cellar.  Now, years later it has been amazing to see his brand and his coffee success grow into what it is today.  We love the tiki-inspired images he uses and his constant focus on positivity with his slogan  "warm-sweet-kind" being used to describe his coffee.

February is a month associated with Love, and we felt it fitting not only to partner with a roaster who has love in their name... but to also use this month to focus on the non-romantic-but-equally-as-rad kind of best friend love we have with Lee. 


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