Ursa - Blend

Ursa - Blend

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Flavor Notes:

Caramel - Vanilla - Hazelnut - Smooth

An intentional blend, to say the least.

Over the last six months, we have sampled countless coffees from numerous locations across the world with the intention of developing this blend. The plan was to create a perfect middle ground amongst our coffee offerings.

A coffee that can be recommended and shared, because of the how easy it brews under any circumstance. Under filter, Ursa is a smooth, balanced cup of coffee. While through espresso, you'll find that even an "in a rush" shot will come out soft and flavorful. 

We are especially excited to offer this one on espresso in our shops, because of how well it pairs with sweeter, milk oriented drinks. 

We hope you enjoy it!

Here are the components:

Aricha Adorsi: A washed process Ethiopian that adds sweetness through floral, and citrus notes. 

Popayan: A washed process Colombian that adds a medium body and rich flavors of caramel, and hazelnut.


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