Tabi - Jairo Arcila - Anerobic - EF2 Natural

Tabi - Jairo Arcila - Anerobic - EF2 Natural

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This coffee is an adventure  

What is EF2? I know what Natural is, but EF2? 

Well... it is the term coined for this coffee's particularly fermentation process.

"This lot was  exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation of 24 hours, later placed inside grain pro bags for 60 hours maintaining temperature below 22 degrees celcius by placing the coffee inside a water tank. Later the coffee was placed on raised beds below 35 degrees celcius until ideal moisture content was achieved."

All this combined to make for any extremely complex and even coffee.  Some natural processed coffees are plagued with inconsistent densities and bean sizes, but by controlling all aspects of this process Jairo and the team at Cofient have really made something special. 


Here are the details:

Country: Colombia

Farmer : Jario Arcila

Farm: Villarazo

Process: Natural EF2 

Elevation: 1,700-2,000 masl

Varieties: 100% tabi