Jose Alvaro Cruz Chala - Honey - Anaerobic - Limited

Jose Alvaro Cruz Chala - Honey - Anaerobic - Limited

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Cupping Notes: 

lemon, stone fruit, tangy, cocoa, lime, melon, juicy

Country/Department/Municipality: Colombia - Tolima - Planadas

Process: Honey - Anaerobic fermentation 

Elevation: 1800 Meters

Varieties: Tabi


This is the first of a number of very special coffees we have coming from Colombia.  Not only does Colombia produce some of the worlds most sought-after crops... they have started leading the way in experimental fermentation. 
This Honey-Processed Tabi from Jose Alvaro Cruz Chala was put through anaerobic fermentation after the initial pulp was removed from the cherry. 
What this means is, they got rid of the oxygen during this process. This controlled environment gives all the acids in the coffee a chance to DO THEIR THING.  Their is not one specific flavor-note that anaerobic processing produces, but the way I boil it down is ... by cutting out the environmental factors, this process lets the coffee amplify flavors that normally don't get a chance to shine. 
We only have a limited Amount of this coffee.