Jairo Arcila - Washed
Jairo Arcila - Washed
Jairo Arcila - Washed
Jairo Arcila - Washed

Jairo Arcila - Washed

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Flavor Notes:

Baking Spice - Chocolate - Molasses

This coffee was grown by Jairo Arcila at the farm Santa Mónica. This coffee is very approachable, lower in acidity and is one of the best examples of a COMFORT coffee from a single origin we have ever had. 

It is perfect for a gift for customers who don’t want a fruity or acidic coffee. 

from the growers:

"Produced by Jairo Arcila. This coffee is harvested following strict ripeness criteria, floated, and hand-sorted to remove any defects. Cherries were then exposed to 30 hours of underwater fermentation before being pulped. The parchment was thengently washed and then dried in temperature-controlled conditions until ideal moisture content was achieved."

Here are the details:

Location: Armenia, Quindio - Colombia

Farmer and Farm: Jairo Arcila at Santa Monica

Process: Fully Washed

Elevation: 1400m - 1500m

Varietal: Multiple

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