Guji - Anasora - Ethiopia
Guji - Anasora - Ethiopia
Guji - Anasora - Ethiopia
Guji - Anasora - Ethiopia

Guji - Anasora - Ethiopia

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Flavor Notes:

Lemon Sherbet - Bergamot - Black Tea

A clean and balanced version of a washed coffee from Africa.

We have enjoyed a couple months of wonderful washed coffees from Africa.  The region is known for producing coffee with floral/delicate acidity, and with the use of washed processing rather than natural/dry processing... the clarity of the flavors becomes so much more pronounced.  

The high elevation, the terrific terroir and all the characteristics I just mentioned... this guji has all the complexity and sweetness we were looking for while having the drinkability that will make it another go-to for our regulars.

Many of our customers have reached out to say that these coffees (Nano Challa & Nano Genji, and now Guji Anasora) are quickly becoming their favorite. And with everything we have tasted while dialing it in, we understand why. 

Here are the details:

Region/Location: Sama - Guji - Oromia - Ethiopia

Process: Washed

Processing Station: Anasora 

Elevation: 2100 - 2300 Meters

Varietal: Heirloom