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For our little beach community, towels and beach blankets are as necessary as sunglasses and a Sano pass.
All of which probably never leave your car all summer. Towels are what we sleep on, what we dry with, what keep us warm, and what we change in....Might as well make them nice.
This summer we wanted to do something really special for warmer weather. So we partnered with Mayde to co-brand some amazing hand-made Turkish towels, blankets, and changing ponchos.
We don't have much retail space, so we wanted to fill it with something we could really be excited about, and the response at the shop has been awesome.


"A turkish beach towel + blanket brand out of Byron Bay, Australia. Designed in Australia and lovingly hand made in Turkey. All our textiles are woven using the best cotton in the world and many styles are still hand loomed. They are versatile enough to be used at the beach or home."

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