Our in-house coffee roasting program has been around for a couple years now, and we are expanding. 

So we are in need of a turn-key associate roaster. 


1. Understands Cropster and its interface. 

2. Has had experience roasting. Preferably on an SF roaster or similar drum roaster. 

3. Open availability for a full time position. 

4. Has worked in the commercial side of coffee service and specifically understanding specialty coffee terms and techniques. (EG: Understanding extraction ideas, coffee development, the difference between using the term "varietal" and "Roast", and what single origins are vs blends... to name a few)

5. Can drive a delivery van to the cafes. 


The hiring process for this job is SKILL BASED and also based on your ability to learn how we do things and IMPROVE on them.  So if your experience matches the above items, but just barely... don't worry as long as you are not one to be overwhelmed with instruction and training and growth. 

If you are interested, please email your resume and a blurb about who you are/experience to 



Click that ^ link to apply now. 

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